Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

Matheau was a pleasure to work with and I would never have an event or party without him. He was detailed oriented and organized, yet incredibly creative. He had the entire event under control from start to finish and I was never more relaxed knowing he was in charge. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Matheau and believe we are very lucky to have him in our city!

Patti and Doug Levy

Matheau Recht was the perfect wedding planner! Our daughter was married this past Oct 22, 2011. As an artist she had very definate ideas of what she wanted for her wedding and Matheau helped her create an absolutely perfect day. Matheau is creative yet allows the client to participate in the design process. He was able to listen to my daughter's ideas while incorporating his expertise (while staying
within our budget.) He has a great sense of style and has access to the best vendors in town and has great relationships with those vendors. Plus, his flower arrangements are the best in town so that's
one less thing you have to worry about! We trusted Matheau throughout the wedding planning process and we did not stress or worry because we knew Matheau had everything under control. Matheau said that he would make sure that we felt like guests at our event and we 100% did. The ceremony venue and reception venue were beautiful and Matheau made sure the day was perfect and it was. Matheau was wonderful to work with and we recommend him with absolutely no hesitation!

Gise Terner and Glenn Kleiman

My experience with Matheau and Luxe Events was amazing. I had been at a few parties that Matheau had planned, and they all seemed so creative and clever, that I had to have him help me. While I was very excited to plan the party for my son's bar mitzvah, I had never done anything like it before and was afraid that it would be overwhelming and a ton of work. Neither turned out to be the case. Matheau made it so easy. The planning turned out to be a lot of fun. We would brainstorm and come up with ideas and then Matheau knew how to make them become a reality. There was no way I could have come close to pulling off such a wonderful evening without the experience and skill of Matheau. He knows where to find anything that you could possibly think of and has such a good working relationship with the vendors in town, that it just made everything come together so seamlessly. There is always so many things that have to get done at the last minute and it was so nice to have someone as capable and trustworthy as Matheau on my team so I could relax and know that everything would get done (and get done how I would expect that it would be done). He does not miss a detail! I was able to be a guest and have fun at my own party, which to me is the best compliment I can give to Matheau. Thank you for being part of such an important event for my family - you made it better than any of us could have dreamed of.

Elizabeth "Liz" S. Blutstein

I would not do a big event without Matheau. He was honest, reliable, and was always looking out for my best interest. He became a friend, and I would recommend him without reservation. He has some of the best taste, and can put together a room like no other. He was no less than great to work with.

Judy Coran

Dear Matheau,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to make Jessica and Scott’s wedding such a special event.  As we shared with you Saturday evening, the entire wedding weekend was EXACTLY what we envisioned, and we never could have done it without you.

From the very first meeting we had, until the last guest left on Sunday afternoon, you made the planning process stress-free and fun – how many people can say that about a three-day wedding weekend?  You deserve all the credit.

Almost without exception, you were able to improve upon our ideas, and were able to capture the tone and spirit of the events we had planned for our guests.  We were so confident that you had every detail under control, that we were able to relax and enjoy our guests…..and the events!

Given our experience, we would welcome the opportunity to recommend you to those planning any celebration – personal or professional.

With extreme gratitude,
Peter & Stacy Schwab


Thank you so much for making Brad’s Bar Mitzvah perfect. Many of our guests came up to us at the end of the event and were in touch with us weeks later telling us how fun the event was. From helping us pick out the invitations and set the theme to actually orchestrating the timing during the night, you were able to guide us through all the various steps. We appreciate the many hours spent planning with us; meeting with the DJ, the balloon people and the caterer etc.

The creative decorations you designed, and the mural you designed help set the mood for the night inviting everyone to have pack the dance floor and have a good time. Having you at the event to help with the timing of it all and to make sure everything flowed smoothly, took the pressure off Bryan and me, allowing us to relax and to enjoy our party.

We appreciate all your help. We look forward to planning our next event with your guidance and insight.

Thank you,
Alicia Sadoff

The difference for Luxe Events is the design. It influences everything they do from the invitations to the venue decoration to the tabletop and centerpieces. We expected the great organization and attention to detail—especially the detail of keeping to our strict budget, but it was the design that set our wedding apart. Nobody else we know even cam close.

Mindy an Allen P

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